Dijon Limestone Finishes Explained

There is no doubt that a Dijon limestone floor is a wonderful addition and investment to your property – a classic and durable tile choice that will last through the years and remain timeless. You may have your heart set on Dijon limestone flooring but are unsure which finish is right for you. We understand it can be a little overwhelming understanding natural stone finishes, so we have put together a simple guide on some of the most popular tile finishes that the Dijon offers. Keep reading to learn more.

Dijon Brushed Limestone Flooring
Dijon Brushed Limestone


A tumbled finish is characterised by a gentle ageing process, softening the edges and stone markings. The Dijon limestone tile is gently tumbled with porcelain chips in a large vibrating barrel which lightly rounds the edges of the tile. Stones with a tumbled finish yield a more subtle, pastel-like appearance, working well in country style homes and character properties. A tumbled Dijon limestone tile is also very forgiving and durable. Unlike a very polished finish which is likely to scratch or dull, this matt surface can withstand the comings and goings of everyday life – popular for kitchens and ground floors. The Dijon tumbled limestone flooring is a great example of this popular natural stone tile finish.

Dijon Tumbled Limestone Flooring
Dijon Tumbled Limestone


A seasoned finish adds a slight warmth and texture to the surface. This creates a beautifully rustic and chalky appearance to the surface of the Dijon stone and adds texture whilst retaining the tumbled edges. The Dijon sasoned limestone suits exterior spaces such as patios and outdoor swimming pools owing to the grip underfoot provided by the surface finish, as well as being a great choice for more rustic spaces such as country kitchens and hallways.

Dijon Seasoned Limestone
Dijon Seasoned Limestone


A brushed finish is achieved by metal wired brushes removing the softer parts of the stones surface and exposing the intricate and unique fossilisation naturally present in the Dijon limestone. This creates a slightly textured surface with straight cut edges, whilst still retaining some smoothness. Brushed Dijon limestone tiles are an ideal choice for those wanting a sleeker edge but with a little texture. This finish is another forgiving and durable option, frequently used for kitchen floors and ground floors.

Dijon Brushed Limestone Flooring
Dijon Brushed Limestone


Honed tiles are a sleek and contemporary option for those wanting a totally smooth and matt finish with a soft sheen and straight cut edges to their Dijon limestone. Whilst rustic country flooring continues to be popular, a honed tile is a wonderful option for modern kitchen spaces.

Dijon Honed Limestone Flooring
Dijon Honed Limestone


Hopefully you now have a greater understanding of the many varying finishes and types of Dijon limestone on offer at Quorn Stone. The choice presented is one of the major appeals of this timeless and elegant natural stone flooring, with a finish to suit almost every style of property. For more information on the Dijon limestone range, or to request samples and place your order, visit www.mystonefloor.com.

Dijon Blend Limestone Flooring
Dijon Blend Limestone