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Step Inside a Country Kitchen with Dijon Limestone

One of the joys of our industry is seeing our tiles in a whole host of properties. We had the pleasure of stepping inside this timeless country kitchen in the rolling hills of Derbyshire. Beautifully renovated from a tired and dated old kitchen, this new space featuring the Dijon Tumbled limestone has a quintessential country kitchen look, nestled in a peaceful corner of the countryside.

Dijon Limestone Country Kitchen Before
Dijon Limestone Country Kitchen

Although there were no drastic changes to the layout of the space, the new interpretation of this kitchen is a complete transformation. The colours, textures and materials chosen all combine to create a much lighter, more uplifting, and calming space. Whilst the old kitchen was dark and dingy with vinyl tiles, the new kitchen with Dijon Tumbled limestone tiles provides a functional yet beautiful space for all of life’s cooking and dining activities and is much more sympathetic to the style and colour palette on display within the rest of the home.

Dijon Tumbled Limestone Flooring Kitchen

Creating rooms that fit the look you are trying to achieve can be a difficult balancing act. When renovating homes that are built more recently, creating the classic country look is often something that requires well-judged and considered choices. The flooring goes a long way to achieving the desired look in this kitchen renovation, with the perfect tumbled edges and soft honey tones that lend the Dijon limestone beautifully to projects of this style.

Dijon Tumbled Limestone Kitchen Floor Tiles

The colours chosen for the units and island are neutral and light, which along with the tones from the Dijon Tumbled limestone contribute to this kitchen’s airy and uplifting feel. Everything works together, from the pale-coloured grout tying into the wall and cabinet shades, to the natural and unique textures of the Dijon flooring that complement the shaker style cabinetry.


Another change brought to the space by the Dijon Tumbled limestone is the sizing and format of the floor tiles. The old floor featured dark, small, square tiles that worked less well in the open plan space of this kitchen and dining area. In contrast, the larger flagstone look given by the Dijon limestone is much more in keeping with the size and style of the property. The free length format also adds to the country feel of this project.

Dijon Tumbled Limestone Dining Room Tiles

This limestone is naturally dense and hardwearing with forgiving honey tones perfect for high traffic spaces such as kitchens. Its free length format, tumbled edges, and natural surface texture make the Dijon limestone an ideal material for a present-day interpretation on classic country interiors.