Dijon Tumbled Limestone Coping Stone Step 30mm

Dijon Tumbled Limestone Bullnose Coping

Dijon tumbled limestone step piece with one long bullnosed edge, available in three sizes perfect to finish off any patio garden space with steps.

Dijon tumbled limestone is an ever-popular choice for busy family homes that need a durable natural stone to withstand the test of time. This neutral toned limestone tile complements an array of colour schemes with its soft beige and light grey hues. The minerals, fossils and calcite veining evident in this limestone tile make it a forgiving and classic choice for both interior and exterior applications.

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Suitable For

  • Floors
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • External (From 20mm)
  • Underfloor Heating

Please note that the tiles suitability may vary depending on the size & thickness, as well as the substrate upon installation. We recommend speaking with your installer and if you are unsure, please take a look at our FAQ’s or speak to one of the team.


Dijon limestone is a natural stone quarried from Egypt that is renowned for its hardwearing characteristics and beautiful appearance. The origins of this stone date back to its use in constructing the ancient Egyptian pyramids.

As direct importers, the longevity of relationships with our suppliers, combined with the volume of Dijon we import ensures we provide our customers with the finest quality Dijon at the best prices.


Dijon tumbled limestone is a popular and beautiful outdoor tile. With varying shades of neutral grey through to soft beige, this limestone features subtle natural stone markings and fossil details from tile to tile.


Dijon tumbled limestone copings are a versatile outdoor option, whether used for walls or steps.


Being a material quarried from the earth, Dijon limestone is naturally dense and hardwearing, offering a forgiving tile that is durable and up to the task of high traffic areas such as patios and steps.


Natural stone is a good thermal insulator, working particularly well with underfloor heating systems, providing energy efficiency in heating your living spaces and keeping those feet toasty!

Frequently Asked Questions

FL stands for Free Length. The free length format is only available in our natural stones.

Free lengths have a fixed width and varying lengths ranging anywhere from 450mm up to a maximum of 1000mm, laid as a random brick bond. You can expect a minimum of 3 different lengths in an order.

Read our FAQ’s for more information on tile sizes and formats.

In short, Dijon tumbled limestone is a cleaner premium selection of tiles, whereas the Dijon Blend limestone is a sister product with greater variation, browner tones, high oxidisation and veining.

We’re aware of the crowded market in the natural stone industry and like any natural stone, the quarry that Dijon is sourced from has different selections and grades. Many companies may offer Dijon limestone tiles at low prices, but may mislead by selling the lower grades of Dijon, advertised as premium quality. This is why we are transparent in having two selections; Dijon tumbled and Dijon Blend tumbled so you can order with confidence of what you will receive.

Our Dijon tumbled limestone tiles are the top selection of the highest grade, yielding lighter and more consistent tones – the ‘champagne’ selection, as we like to call it.

Yes! With the correct installation, our Dijon limestone tiles are suitable for underfloor heating. We advise using an anti-fracture matting when installing the tiles, and discussing any specific substrate or installation requirements with your installer.

Sealant is required for natural stone tiles and will help protect your Dijon limestone tiles against water and oil contamination. Subject to the correct maintenance, we recommend resealing internal dry areas, every 3-5 years.

We recommend using both dry and wet methods to keep your Dijon stone flooring looking its best. Sweeping and vacuuming (with the soft attachment) is great to pick up crumbs from the floor, whilst an occasional mop will keep your floor hygienic and lift light stains. We recommend using Lithofin Wash & Clean for frequent cleaning, and Lithofin Power Clean for intensive cleans.

It is important to use cleaning products designed for natural stone on your floor – regular household cleaners and steam cleaners can damage the surface of the tile and should be avoided.

The sized tile you go for is personal preference – there is no right or wrong! However, over the years we have developed a keen eye on what sizes and formats work best for all shapes and styles of kitchens. The most popular formats for open plan kitchens with our Dijon tumbled limestone tends to be the 500xFL (Free Length) or 600xFL (Free Length). The Opus Patterns are great for more traditional properties and 600×400 for smaller spaces. 900×600 and 600×600 suit more modern or contemporary spaces.